Wavier/Release for Elite Soccer Training

Every player must turn in a release form before participating in the Elite Soccer Training program.


Elite Soccer Training
Release and Indemnification
If you have a child participating in any program, camp or other event offered by Elite Soccer Training you will need to complete and sign this document.

School or Club Team:______________________________________ Age Group:______
Name: __________________________ Birth date: ___________ Sex: _______
Home Phone: ______________ Email Address: _________________________________
Street Address: __________________________ Work Phone: ___________________
Father’s Name: _______________________ Mother’s Name______________________
Cell Phone: _____________________________________________________________
Parent comments: ________________________________________________________
The undersigned parent or legal guardian (“Parent”) of the above named child recognizing that the sport of soccer does contain elements of risk and possible injury does hereby consent to and give approval for the above child to participate in any and all activates held by Elite Soccer Training. Parent does hereby waive, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless Elite Soccer Training and its coaches, trainers, or any person acting by or on behalf of any of the above mentioned entities for any claim arising out or in any way connected with injury the child my receive while participating in a Sponsored Activity. Parent also grants permission for persons associated with above entities to authorize and obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital, or medical clinic should the child become ill or injured while participating in a Sponsored Activity away from home or at any other time when neither parent nor guardian is available to grant authorization for medical treatment.
Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: ___________

Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: ___________

VERY IMPORTANT:I am a neutral training entity and provide programs for individuals, small groups, clubs, and teams looking for additional training. I encourage players to play for their local recreational and competitive teams. This is advanced supplemental training. Not to be confused with a USYSA competitive program. Players are encouraged to participate in this program either concurrent with their USYSA team season, afterwards, or when their schedule permits. It is not a requirement or mandatory to play USYSA, but encouraged for additional gameplay and field experience. Obviously, more dedicated participants will receive the most growth and experience from the training. From this program, let it be known that collegiate, regional and national players are fostered. The sessions are for any Chattanooga area player interested. This is an Elite Soccer Training event and is not associated with any Tennessee or Georgia State Association Club. This is not a tryout or will be held as a recruiting tool for any association nor is it encourage. This a educational soccer experience for all area soccer players.